International Yoga Day :Yoga’s boomed popularity and its positive effects on your life

International yoga day Summary  : 21st June is declared as  International Yoga Day by United Nations general assembly, Understand on Yoga Day The Benefits of doing Yoga.

international yoga dayInternational yoga day ;Yoga  once an ancient thing now has become a treasure for all those who live with it every day and for those who have experienced its positive effects on their basic lifestyle.

It has healed and transformed the lives of people who have trusted this art. The positive effects of yoga are known to all because this amazing art form is adapted and known by people all over the world.

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It has brought a remarkable and a positive change in the lives of people. Studies and latest researches have proved that yoga has benefits that no other artificial or latest method can provide.

Tips on International Yoga Day : A study revealed that both over-weight and normal-weight adults who regularly practiced yoga for at least 4 years were less likely to gain weight than those who did not practice yoga. In fact, those who were overweight and practiced yoga actually lost an average of 5lbs during the four-year period. Yoga burns various other negative impacts that affect your body and brings positive results and it brings a remarkable change in the key areas that impact your body.Burning calories and cutting down the reasons behind gaining them is more effective than any other way to reduce weight.


Yoga can promote weight loss in various ways, most weight gain is not simply a matter of too many calories taken in for the calories spent. Most weight gain is just symptomatic of serious underlying causes.

Yoga helps you in managing the overall health of your body in turn effectively bringing a positive change in it.

Yoga is the new way to lead a healthy and happening life, in this busy lifestyle when you need to relax and rejuvenate it helps you feel good.

If you are practicing the best habits and schedules then it becomes very essential to do it in the most accurate manner.Maintaining a healthy body and a sound mind is very important to get rid of all the tensions that surround you.

Now a day’s people have chosen yoga as the best way to recover from issues like obesity, which has become one of the most common reasons behind all the major health problems. Various ways in which yoga can help you manage your body fat are:

  • Effective stress management, reducing the likelihood of stress eating is the first way in which yoga helps. Stress eating is a common reason behind poor weight management and that is when yoga is needed.
  • Stress is a common problem these days and thus it is important to find ways in which it can be managed. Yoga helps you in relaxing your muscles and in letting you relax at the time of stress as well, this improves your health and enhances the effects of the ways of managing your body mass.
  • Yoga gives you increased body awareness, specifically relating to hunger and satiety and this awareness helps in managing diet.
  • You know when you are hungry and when you have to stop eating.
  • The best part is that you don’t have to follow a chart, you understand your body in the most basic and natural way which in turn helps in bringing a positive change.
  • The liver has many essential functions. It is an extremely powerful detoxifier and cleanser. It purifies your blood. It processes fats, both good and bad kinds.
  • If the liver is healthy and strong it can dispose of bad fats and put good fats to work for you.
  • Yoga stimulates the vital force of liver and keeps all the digestion and liver related problems at a bay.
  • Thyroid is a hormone that regulates our metabolism and those who have a high metabolism are able to burn fat quickly. Certain yoga postures are good enough to heal the thyroid glands and make them active so that your body burns the extra fat and helps you stay fit and lively.
  • Your body has a PH level also, and if your body is too acidic it will tend to protect itself from acid by storing the fat and using it as a buffer. This accumulates fat and this fat is stored in veins and arteries, this fat is the major cause of heart attacks and other related issues. To reduce this fat make sure you practice yoga regularly.
  • A lot of overweight people’s bodies are under an immense amount of stress. Their nervous system is under pressure from lifestyle choices.
  • They often sit at a desk out of the healing sun, under neon lighting. Breathing stale air of the air conditioner fresh, clean, oxygen-rich air.
  • To get rid of this lifestyle you have to manage your day to day activities by adding the charm of yoga to it and by adding the hint of nature.

Conclusion on International Yoga day :

All this and a lot more comes with regular practice of yoga and the therapeutic properties of this ancient art can bring a remarkable change in your life.

The bottom line is-Exercise right, eat clean, and you’ll be able to actualize your goals.

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